Monday, January 18, 2010

Today's Horse Race

Today was the first training day with a partner, and it turned into quite the horse race.

Today's WOD:
Row 1150m
95 situps
75 squat
55 pushups
35 pullups
15 burpees

At 7am this morning Russ and I strapped in to the rowers, got the 3...2..1..GO and off we went. I held a steady pace of 2:03-2:05 for the first 800m and picked it up to 1:58 for the last 350m. As I was closing in on 1050 Russ unstraped and was on to situps. I finish my last 100m and quickly head into the situps. I slam through 95 situps straight making up time, and heading into the squats second ahead of Russ.

We're neck and neck like mad squating fools, but being 5'3" I have a clear advantage over his 6'+ frame. I head into pushups knowing they're my goat. I break them into 10s and do my best to maintain my pace. Russ heads into pushups like speedy gonzalez and finishes while I'm completing my last 10. I start into pullups a good 10 seconds behind, but pullups are a strong suite for me. I quickly get through my pullups and head into burpees seconds ahead of Russ. I knew I had it at this point. I love burpees and again...I'm 5'3". I yell time finishing with a 13:19 with Russ right on my heals at 13:21

There's something about going head to head that makes you push that much harder than a group wod. We'll see what tomorrow brings.


  1. Nice work Kate! I finished 13:29. Someone warming up stole my abmat while rowing & I had to grab a new one.

    See you sometime this week I am sure. I'm trying to lock down my schedule over the next 6 weeks before Sectionals.


  2. Ohhhhhh thats a chipper I'd like to try soon!

  3. How long have you been racing horses?